Next Door - Fresh Corp Looking for Pvpers

Tired Of Bigger Corporations Taking All Your Time? Want To Be That NextDoor Neighbor That Sneaks Around? Join Up With NextDoor To Make That Possible!

We Are New Pilot Friendly
We Are One(Act As One)

What We Offer?
Ship Replacement Program
New Player Ship Program(Get You Into Your First Ship)
Low Tax Rate(2%)
Pvp Roams

What Is In Store For The Future?
Lots Of PVP(Take Our Own Space,Wars, Ect…)
Mining Operations(Orcas Are Ready To Fly)
Covert Ops(Those Sneaky Moments)
NullSec Pvp

Sign Up Today Receive A SignOn Bonus After 90 Days

Discord: Next Door

looking to be the one nextdoor? join up today!

Looking for Good Times? Join Next Door!

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