Next Tier a PVE/INDY Corp

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”
— Arnold SchwarzeneggeR

Mining, Trade and PVE are my main interests in Eve so i’d like to be apart of the corp’s start up.

Hey there,

I saw your advert and found what you do to be quite interesting… I would like to talk to you about a possible merge of our corps…

A little on me: I’m a diplomat for Everything for Efficiency, a Sov Nullsec corp that specializes in mining, industry and PVP… our corp has a real life comes first approach and no mandatory schedules. We have R64 moons and our own industry related facilities; we also host ppl from America / EU and OCE TZ and are looking for new people and opportunities. We also go for small gang PvP and PvE activities.

If this is something that interests you and would like to talk further you can add me ingame or via discord: Captain Sargen (Discord: Sargen#1266)

Hope to hear from you!

Corp is taking new direction with Next Tier Strike force please Message Admiral Tyberius