Night.Crew, small wh corp 60% PVP and 40% PVE

We live in a class 4 worm hole with a class 5 full of lucrative combat sites on one side and a class 2 with easy access to highsec on the other side. Most j-space pvp content takes place in and around class 2s and 5s, which is why we put an Astrahus, Athanor, and Raitaru in this system.

We go group ratting whenever our members are hurting for cash. c5s are where the isk is at. PVP Content usually finds us as we scan out our wh chains. We often join bigger corps in station combat, either attacking or defending, and to go roaming in lowsec or nullsec. We do some industry in the hole. Sometimes, when we have more isk than we know what to do with, we’ll do something stupid and fun like yeeting a dreadnought in a lowsec roam.

The class 2 provides combat sites and exploration opportunities for newer members, or connections to class 3s which are more optimal for solo ratting when there aren’t enough peeps on to go c5. As always, J space is dangerous, but it’s where the isk is. Contact us in game if interested.

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