Nightmare Cartel Open Recruitment [PvP] EUTZ | Frequent Roams | ISK KM Payout

We are looking for eager pilots with or without experience to join our new PvP Corp. :clinking_glasses:

:stars: Who are we?

The Corp structure is fairly basic with a strong focus on generating content, with frequent roams and overarching goal-oriented ops to eventually make the Corp sustainable and pay back our investors.

We hope to eventually be coherent and dangerous enough to pose a serious threat and disrupt the status quo. We’ll be setting up shop in lowsec (eventually 0.0) and are keen to take on experienced pilots who can help us achieve that.

Provisionally, we are looking at an Amarr/Armor hull doctrine and recommend a variation of he ‘Magic 14’ as a skill target. Generally alpha friendly.

:bank: Corp Services

Corp services include:

  • Generous Ship Replacement Program
  • Free Skillbooks (subcap & industrial)
  • Kills for Cash
  • Welcome Pack (includes complement of T1 hulls & more)
  • Discord Communications
  • PLEX awards for the ‘top of the killboard’

:moneybag: Kills for Cash & PLEX Awards

To spruce things up and encourage PvP gameplay, we’re putting some of our budget into rewarding wins. We’ll payout ISK rewards for all killmails and award PLEX to the pilot who was the most active in terms of kills/contributions. So this is a great opportunity for alphas who can’t sub for any reason to get Omega too.

:speech_balloon: How To Join

Apply to join Nightmare Cartel in-game with a brief description of your interests and experience, we’ll respond within 24 hours. If you have any questions you can contact me directly.

We are sponsored by an undisclosed third party.

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