Niyabainen - Free Market 0.0%, 1 Jump Jita

We accept donations for new citadels 0.0%, On the corporate wallet Dangerous Team

Принимаем пожертвование на новые цитадели 0,0%, на корпоративный кошелек Dangerous Team

I also accept donations

Good luck! Who is backing your ass?

None of us in itself, at the moment when we have already prepared 3 strong points in the region, as soon as the armor is put into effect, we will include another citadel

And at 0% how are you making back your return on the investment of the structures?

We trade with friends

Great for PI farmers, hope this lasts a while :slight_smile:

It won’t.

If you manage to remain active 30 days, I will donate.

Good luck!

I was about to put an order there and saw the new broker fee of 50%… almost lost a few hundred mils there…

Sometimes, you did not lose, but someone lost

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rip my production lines

Let me be sure to inform the others to wardec you then. Good luck!

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