WTS Citadels to unanchor. Make 5 bil+

WTS 3 citadels in a wormhole, profitable for you to unanchor

Assets are valued over 20 bil, PLUS there’s several afk members worth of stuff inside. Likely marauders, etc.

Give me 14 bil, and it’s yours.


why not sell the hole as a package deal ? tell me about the hole

C4, Red giant
C2-5 static, 6 custom offices

corp leaving it, so there’s afk members worth of stuffs inside the cits

any capitals left behind?
can you send the j number

J131047, there’s a revelation still but that’d cost a few pennies more

what’s your bottom line the including the dread and customs offices . we will be moving in do you see any issues with that? you left overs will have a short time to get stuff out


with and without the dread

3.5 for the rev and custom offices additional
In terms of time frame, can you DM me on discord so everyone doesn’t see our plans lol

without dread but customs offices, 500 mil, there’s 6 of them

contact me in game plz

offer made accepted paid and closed