No BS Industries - Become an Industrial Pro!

Want to become a miner, freighter, or fighter? Come join us and we will help you build a career path involving industry, hauling, and pvp. New/old players are welcome and must be active!

The owner is a former null sec dweller who has been in the biggest alliance ever known in eve, so you will learn a lot about industry skills if you decide to join us!

Discord is required as we will use it to communicate and provide corp services to No BS members!
Discord: No BS Industries

Corporation Offers:

  • Mining fleet with boosts (faster mining speeds)
  • Ore buyback program
  • High Sec OPS (Null sec coming soon)
  • 24/7 Standing/Mining Fleet
  • CEO with years of industrial experience
  • Will teach new players!
  • Corp SRP program! (corp will help you recover lost assets from deaths)

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