No longer for sale

What you’ll get;

5,653,435 SP
Mining Director 1
Mining Drones 4 (skillbooks for spec mining drone injected, not in queue due to alpha status)
Misc Drone Skills 4 (interfacing, durability etc…)
Medium and Light drones 5
Industrial Command 1 (orca skill)
Mining and Astrogeology 5
Deep Core Mining 3
Biology 4
Cynosural theory 3

Sec Status 0.4
0 killrights
0/3 Jump clones
437,000 isk in wallet

Asking for 6 billion isk, but will reduce to 4b isk if you pay for character transfer.

I will offer 5B but you need to adhere to the rules for selling the character such as being in an npc corp.

I decline your offer, thus am not leaving my corp.

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