No longer for sale

What you’ll get;
5,246,440 SP
Mining/Astrogeology 5
Mining upgrades 4
Biology 4
Cybernetics 3 (+3’s plugged in)
Mining Foreman 4 (skillbook for Director injected but not in queue due to alpha)
Medium Drones 5
Misc Drone skills are mostly 4’s (interfacting, durability etc)
Mining Barge 4

1/3 Jump Clones (jita 4-4)
+3 basic implants, Highwall Mining MX-1003 (+3 mining yield)
0.1 sec status
0 kill rights
460,000 isk in wallet

Asking for 5 billion isk, will lower to 2.3 billion if you pay transfer cost.
Nearly an orca pilot, all skill books for becoming one have been injected.

I decline your offer.

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