No.Mercy (TRI) Is recruiting!

Looking for that place to settle, a place to call home?

We got you!

Recruitment open, our 24/7 commitment ensures opportunities for every timezone!

Fighting every day, small gang and fleet.

Recruiting selectively,
come speak to us for more information.

We do roams quite often:

Are you ready for the adventure we can provide to you?
Recruitment selectively open!

We are still recruiting, bump!

300 bil killed yesterday in a cap brawl in syndicate, come join the fun!

Join the party, content to be had! Daily basis!
The best content, Iā€™d even say we have most content. By a lot.

Join up for some frags, good group with the distinct lack of bullshizzle drama.

Bump we are still recruiting!

Merry Christmas! We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting!

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Great guys! can confirm!

another nice fight yesterday!

We are still recruiting

Want a new challenge and a stable home?
We are looking for active pilots who know what they are doing.

We are still open for recruitment!

We want you!

selective recruitment is always open