No more mining-bonus for Cruisers

Before my break some players also used Cruisers for mining in low-sec. I remember the Osprey had a mining-bonus but it seems it is gone now. I wonder if it would work with any other Cruiser or Battleship that can command some drones. Four or five drones should be suffcient against most rats in 04. or lower. The high slots would be free for mining-lasers.

These days it’s a better idea to use Barges and Exhumers instead for mining, rather than cruisers.

All of those ships use drones to defend themselves against NPC pirates, and the Procurer and Skiff even have damage bonuses for the drones.

Or use nimble mining frigates.

I thought the mining bonus was deleted LONG ago, back when they added the logi bonuses instead.

CCP has decided the only way to mine in the sandbox is with a mining ship. RIP mining bonuses to other classes.

I’m not sure but i think vexor still have it

All other ships can equip mining turrets or mining drones and mine.

The reason people are using mining ships is because mining ships are much more effective, not because it’s impossible to mine in other ships.

Just like you can do exploration in any ship you want, except that the ships specialised for hacking and scanning are a bit more efficient.

A sandbox with lots of choices, but some choices are better than others.

That’s a silly position to take when CCP has actively removed the viability of ships that could do these other roles in favor of overpopulating some classes with a bunch of hulls all competing for similar roles. Just because they haven’t removed the ability to fit a mining laser doesn’t mean they haven’t put adequate pressure against using other ships(they have) to kill their viability in the sandbox.

Please, advocate for CCP to remove MORE options from the sandbox.

Based on that logic, the only ship everyone should have or need is a the basic corvette?

The basic corvette IS pretty nice. It even comes with an afterburner!

and it’s pretty hilarious to hotdrop on people.

All ships can get a mining bonus, only decided mining role ships have a hull bonus.

You can use anly other ship to mine with mining lasers and still gain mining command burst bonuses, so you could use battleships with 8 mining lasers like we did back when we had no mining decided role ships.

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We have mining barges now. We even have mining frigates. Tech1 and Tech2 versions.

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