No Politics, BS, or Rules ''Forge of Chaos'' seeks Community members

Tired of politics? Sitting ship spinning hours on end for ‘‘defense fleets’’ for nothing to show up. Me too!

Forge of Chaos is seeking to build a community of dudes to BS with on comms. I’ve seen too many corporations torn apart by politics and Forge of Chaos will never participate in wardecs or the politics surrounding them.

  • Completely free of blues aside from the Flames of Chaos (PvP Focused) if it’s not Purple SHOOT IT!
  • Corp is currently based in Minmitar Space with good hi-sec mining with the potential to expand into low-sec expeditions. Ice belts run rampant here and the holding corp will place a refinery when its need is justified, a Raitaru will follow.
  • For missioneers, we are in a great location with lvl 1-5 missions within a few jumps of our home system.
  • For PvP’ers, we go on roams impulsively as a corp and provide handouts for newbros. We also attend NPSI public fleets at least once or twice a week, but the option is always yours if you’d like to do more.
  • For miners/industrialists, the space we occupy is ‘‘quiet’’ away from the Jita pipe and the gankers associated with it. Structures will be anchored as needed through a holding corp. Corp has an active Buy Back and active logistics to/from Jita. Buy Back is transparent and simple no contracts at ZERO all contracts will be made with the associated appraisal price and your isk will be there instantly. For industrialists, these materials will be made available to you at Jita Buy… increasing your profit potential.

We are still smol and looking for a tight knit group of founding members. Already have a few guys that lurk on comms, but would like to see the discord a little chubbier.

Meet us on there if this post interests you!

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Embrace your inner Anarchist!

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Join or… Don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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