🐍 [No Vacancies.] [NVACA] [C2/N/C5]

No Vacancies has vacancies!

An old and established wormhole corporation, No Vacancies has withstood the test of time and currently resides in a C2 wormhole with nullsec and C5 statics. If you’re looking to get away from nullsec TiDi fleets and instead join in on fun and engaging nano-gang roams and intense heavy armor brawls, No Vacancies is the place for you.

Living in a C2/N/C5 gives us the unique opportunity and ability to fight and blops on null sec groups and brawl with high-class wormhole groups with ease. Who are we? A corporation founded in 2014 with origins in high-class wormhole space, No Vacancies has since been enjoying low-class WH space finding daily content. As a growing corporation, we are specifically interested in pilots with PvP experience and a desire to live and grow in wormholes. Currently, we are mainly a USTZ corporation with a rapidly growing EUTZ presence.

What we offer:


:snake: Nano-gang roams out into our null static

:snake: Heavy armor/shield brawls with other wormhole groups.

:snake: Black Ops drops from our null static


:snake:A friendly and experienced community willing to share everything they know about wormhole life and nano-gang piloting.

What we require:

:snake:Sabre / scanning alt

:snake:Ability to fly at least 1 ship from each of the following comps:

o Shield - Nighthawk, Loki, Tengu, Basilisk

o Armor - Leshak, Guardian, Damnation

Interested in joining or learning more? Hop into our in-game Public Channel “No Vacancies” or join our Discord to speak with a recruiter. Discord: No Vacancies Zkill: No Vacancies. | Alliance | zKillboard

Notable Fights:
Dunked TEST Marshal
What capital umbrella?
Whaled capitals/marauders
GF against PH and Frat
Taking 1DQ1 by storm
Good armor brawl against Ship Happens

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