🐍 [No Vacancies.] [NVACA] [C2/n/C5]

[No Vacancies.] [NVACA] [C2/n/C5]

Searching for USTZ and EU members with wormhole/small gang experience

We offer:
:snake: Nano gang
:snake: Casual corp culture , no CTA’s
:snake: Doctrine ships provided
:snake: High sp members
:snake: Plenty of ISK making opportunities

Come talk to us on Discord or In-game!
Discord: https://discord.gg/erHRKDA
Killboard: No Vacancies | Corporation | zKillboard
In-game Public Channel: No Vacancies

Come join the fun

Thank you for the content BlackRose.

Content is there to be found come join the fun

When frat messes up station perms this was a funny one

little wh action

also thx Amelia for the pochven content was a great time

Found a gating nyx but was only in a mali, feels bad man.

Glad we had a Querious connection to join in on the fun

some more wh action

Action from one of our newer members, we aren’t a training corp but will help you improve come say hi and join the fun. Stop station spinning.

Recruitment closed for time being see you guys soon :slight_smile:

Recruitment open come join the content