No Visual. Sov owning alliance looking for Corps

We are worth the chat

A very laid back and great group.
Worth a friendly bump.

Looking for corps and members alike jump in discord and chat with me :crazy_face:

Looking for more corps we have lots to offer

Jump in while you can looking for new and experienced corp come chat to see if you are a fit :slight_smile:

Main and two alts looking to see what is out there. Looking for the feeling you used to have as part of a corp. This would explain why I corp jump…i give it a chance to see where it goes…not going anywhere i leave as im not going to ask a corp to change their way of doing things for me…so i side step to the right as right on out of there.

I dont mind chipping in as an example just gave 250,000,000 isk donation to current corp because i was in wrong time zone for corp mining opp…and i felt like it.

Looking for corp that has activities going on during time frames:

M- F 2AM - 7am Eve Time
Sat / Sun 8PM - 7AM Eve Time

I will be on later tonight jump in discord and we can chat

Recruitment still open

AUTZ bump, come for the ratting stay for the gatecamps :slight_smile:

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POGGERS it’s us

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We have cookies.

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BUMP! Always looking for corps to join our new home :slight_smile:

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Looking for a nice null home with lots to do bring your Corp to us. Come chat for more info

Friendly bump good alliance

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Great group of people, we really enjoyed our time in No Visual. and would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a chilled group to enjoy the game with. Lots of love for our space momma Rori, she’s the best :slight_smile:


Come join us! We have rocks and pews.

Bump! These rocks aren’t going anywhere and neither are we.

Boopity Bump - We offer industry, mining, pvp, fleets and more! Come have a chat on discord with Rori or Ends, or have a chat in our EvE Channel!

Hope to see you soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Boop! Still looking for any corps interested in joining us in our home! We have a good amount of corps with people in all timezones!

Feel free to chuck Rori or Ends and EvE Mail ingame, join our public channel or hop into the discord to have a chat!

Hope to see you soon :smiley:

Just added 2 more corps come see what all the fun is about