No Visual. Sov owning alliance looking for Corps

BUMP! Always looking for any new corporations interested in checking us out. We can support you in whatever activity you’re interested in with freindly alliance mates in all different timezones :smiley:

Burnt out of eve? our community plays a truckload of other games, including our monthly vulgar jackbox night!

Any new corps or members who are interested in joining are welcome to come check us out! We have corps in all different timezones who are welcoming new members!

Still looking for corps new or experienced we have lots to offer come tell us what you have to offer. Lots of good times to be had

These rocks aren’t gonna mine themselves! Come hop on our discord to chat with one of us if you’re either looking to join as a corp or interested in joining one of our current corps! Hope to see you soon.

This alliance has changed my life and it could change yours too.
the money is amazing, the other members are even better, and it has been one of the best experiences working with these people.

All our corps are one big family come join a great community join discord and check out what corps are recruiting and corps come chat with Ends or I if your willing to grow and be part of the community our alliance is for you

We’re a growing community and we want you to be a part of it, come and see what we have to offfer!

Still looking for new members with goals to come accomplish them with us!