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About Nocturne

We are a new player friendly, real life first, highsec & nullsec community part of FI.RE coalition established in the region of Immensea. Become part of the beginning of something great, an alliance our members are proud to be a part of, an alliance with ambitions of further growth and success of our members & alliance.

Our goal is to provide a place where both players & corporations can grow & thrive by providing the resources they need to learn & succeed in EVE Online regardless of how new they are to the game or what their interests are.

We participate in all areas of EVE across all timezones from industry to large scale coalition fleets.

Our History

We began in highsec as a new player friendly, open recruitment alliance. In the span of 3 months we grew from nothing to over 1000 characters at which point we received an offer for nullsec sov space, we decided to accelerate our plans of moving to null and as a result we have now established ourselves as a sov holding nullsec alliance part of FI.RE.

What We Offer

  • Massive EU & US coalition with plenty of PvP fleets
  • Highly active voice chat & community
  • Mumble, Discord, and dedicated wiki
  • Buyback @ 90% Jita buy in all Nocturne structures
  • Logistics to & from Jita @ 950 ISK/m3
  • Ship replacement for home defense & strategic fleets
  • R64 & R32 moon mining and plenty of ice/mercoxit
  • Training classes & dedicated new player support
  • Free ships, skillbooks, and implants for new players
  • Alliance wide special interest groups

How to Contact Nocturne

Contact any of our diplomats/recruiters through our Discord

List of Diplos

Check out our Website to Learn More

Whether you’re a brand newbro or a decade old bittervet, come grow with us!

Still recruiting!

Recruitment is open!

Recruitment is still open!

Still recruiting!

Nocturne is still recruiting!

I joined Nocturne, and so should you! We’re still recruiting.

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I joined and you should too. We are still recruiting

Come join one of the fasting growing alliances in EVE! Speak with a recruiter today!

been in many corps before and even ran my own, most fun ive had playing eve in years!

I joined Nocturne, and so should you! We’re still recruiting.

We are still recruiting!

We are still recruiting, Join today!

Recruitment is still open!

I joined Nocturne, and so should you! We’re still recruiting.

Still recruiting!

amazingly recruiting :slight_smile:

Joined about a week ago and 0 regrets. Friendly and helpful crew, voice chat, lots of laughs but also great with questions and learning anything from PVP, PVE, and mining. We need more people though!

having the most fun in eve ive had in years, and they are still recruiting!