Node Death - 2021/04/27

A node death occurred in the Forge market at 11:32. This node failure is currently impacting the cluster with multiple other systems now experiencing issues. Players may get disconnected if they are on affected nodes.

We are currently working on restoring all nodes to proper functionality. We will update with more details as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

Update 12:29: Systems have been restored and should now be working properly. There are some lingering issues with portal app functionality which we are working on resolving.




Wow and here i was thinking the patch went smooth till all my accounts died :frowning:

Having worked as a CSR for an ISP, that works depressingly often.


A game update so bad even the game just quit .JK like the industry changes as it gives me room to grow lol. Now only if i could actually buy the bpos…

Thanks for the update! Good luck with the fix!

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Pardon my ignorance, but what does that actually mean, a “Node Death”? that sounds quite dramatic.


:rofl: :ok_hand: Враг не дремлет)tenor

EVE is dying, literally :joy:

Mind if I ask what this “node” is?

What even IS a “node”?

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A node death in laymen terms is,

Imagine a victorian fabric loom, sometimes yarn gets jammed in a spindle or roller, or a roller needs lubricating so they send a small spritely person to go unjam or oil a roller. Well that sprite has just got caught and shredded by the loom, that is a node death.

CCP are mopping it up, don’t worry there are plenty more sprites.

It does sound dramatic!

A node is basically a server in the cluster (the network of servers) that make up the game. Each node runs various processes for the game to work - markets, character info, solar system simulations (the main flying around and doing stuff part of the game), etc.

When a node dies it takes with it all of the services which were assigned to it (these may vary day to day for most nodes as the system auto-allocates based on how much resources they’ve needed recently).

Here you can see the basic layout of the EVE cluster which makes up the game. The nodes in this image are the SOL and Proxy servers:

In this case, this was a SOL node death. A proxy node death just results in all players who were connected via that proxy getting disconnected.


Представь что у тебя телевизор сгорел))

Have no fear Jita local is still here for you…




Node was the name of the Hamster R.I.P

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Explain, please, what is reinforced node? Is this node that PAPI bashed? And what timer of this reffed node?


No that is Mitten’'s gonodes you are thinking of.