Node-death: A Forum Meta Tag

Since 2018 I believe that little textbox is the most terrifying thing in EVE.

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Terrifying not really. It’s either relieving or frustrating. And CCP Falcon can run around with his fire extinguisher all he wants, he won’t calm down anyone.




The in-game message that terrifies me is when a jump gate in low or null sec pops up a message:

Traffic control is currently offline and unable to process your jump request… please jump later.

Basically it’s like getting strung up with a large bullseye target painted on you. The only saving grace about that is it doesn’t take long for Traffic Control to allow you to jump through and because of that message, you know that system is empty.


I mean maybe these are omens that EVE is truly dying.

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Maybe when you ask nicely do they make a @Rexxar_Santaro meta tag.

It could be useful for when things go beyond most terrifying, like a ghost node, which haunts us with battles from the past, and ships long dead reappear in one’s hangar and start spinning on their own.

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It should be cool to see my alias as the most terrifying thing in EVE. Sadly, I’m not worthy of such a honor.

Maybe when you ask nicely do they make a @Whitehound meta tag, to illuminate the annals of EVE forum history afterwards.

Funny where people want to put a light these days.

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You make my day!

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