Non Aggression Pacts VS Allies

How do most corporations organize between non aggression pacts and allies?

So for us, we have several kind of blues. Some blues are just alts of members. Some are coalition members. We obviously work with them. The alts and the coalition members are given +10, the other blues are just set to normal blue. Some are allies which we share docking access and help each other out at times. Some are temporary allies we work with for a particular operation. And some we have a non aggression pact. For the last group, line members almost never talk to each other on voice comms like Mumble.

The way we tell them apart is through out of game communication channels. It’s not too hard for me. I kind of remember them.

How do most corps differentiate between them? All would be set to blue standings so the line members don’t shoot each other.

We had it similar. +10 only for our own members alts. +5 for people we work with regulary.

Also a google sheet (or sometimes a corp-bulletin) with every corp standing (positive or negative) linked and explained who has set it, when it was set and for what reasons or what the agreements were if there were made some.

I don’t know about most, but for non-aggression pacts I set corporations or alliances to ‘known neutral’ with +0 standings. You can display known neutrals differently from unknowns. This works best if you customize an overview and associated settings and distribute it to your line members so everyone knows who is definitely a threat (-10 or -5), probably a threat (No explicit status), probably safe (+0), who is an ally (+5), and who is a friend (+10).

I suspect each organization uses things a little differently, depending on what broad categories of capsuleer classifications need to be quickly communicated to their line members.

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Kill them all, and let Bob sort’em out.

Noobs vs nerds? :smirk:

I have two kinds of blues.

+5 blue paid me 5 billion isk.
+10 blue paid me 10 billion isk.

I suspect this isn’t usual. Most corps are “not blue shoot it” so if the corp sets someone to neutral, line members might… shoot it. I mean that’s great you found a system that works for you, I just doubt this works in general.

but these journeys educate…

I have my doubts people do it this way, too, but the color is not a show stopper. You can make known neutrals display a blue color tag, or any other selectable color you want. I didn’t have trouble with line members not understanding that there were two colors of tag not to shoot, though, so I did not go to the trouble to change that color.

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