No Blue. Info is in the name

Welcome to the Future. Bored of blue blobs? Join No Blue. and do what you like when you like HOW you like. This alliance is for those who want to just have fun NPSI, Solo, PVP, or even PVE if your brave enough (could be war decked but up to you hopefully not).

So what this alliance is about, We are just a huge mess any corp can join the alliance 1 member or 999 members up to you we are strong NPSI so No Blue. you can also kill No Blue. members in a NPSI fleets and will not be kicked. the main corp NanoTech Collective. follows NPSI so corp members can kill corp members.

My goal is just to make a huge alliance off like minded people who want to just watch eve burn together and have fun with no issues off diplomacy issues or standings worry. Corps in the alliance can have there own blues but let them know the alliance has no blues and will possibly shoot there corp blues.

future goals

  1. Alliance fleets.
  2. a strong growing alliance
  3. meet new like minded people
  4. have fun with no worry
  5. make everyone turn the alliance RED ! :smiley:

Applications are open so just apply (Applications accepted every Monday)

Telissia Star

Would change the name from NPSI fleets to JSI fleets, just shoot it fleets, but sounds fun lol.

hahaha that legitly sounds better changing it now :stuck_out_tongue: and your welcome to join its open

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Still open to recruitment all corps are welcome all sizes all type and all time zone :slight_smile: just come on join up and chill have fun and meet new people