Noob lf 1st Corp EU

Started playing a week ago. Was trying look for corp ingame, but I found the filter options limiting.

What im looking for

  • Mining with other corp members in primarly High sec(can also try Low and Null sec, but requires guidence)
  • Exploration
  • PVE
  • Corp that operates somewhere in/near Amar space
  • Someone that will answer dumb/simple questions

What I have to offer

  • kinda getting addicted so I can be online most of the time with 6 hours downtime for sleep
  • willing to listen, learn and cooparate
  • using any voice communications

I think that about all I have say

My corporation is 100% pvp so when the time comes when you get interested in wanting to get some kills give me a shout the alliance always loves to bring in newbros.

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bump \o/

If you’re willing to do some pew pew as well, check us out? We’ll get you earning bigger and better ISK in Null helping us build the big toys and shooting boats people need and mining moon goo as part of the latest expansion but some Fleet ops are required.

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bump \o/

Quit bumping, start killing! We’d love to have you in our corp and you’re 100% welcome to mine whenever you want. Personally ill answer all the dumb questions you have, the more the better.

Hi there Ceres,
Welcome to EVE, she is a tough mistress, but the pay back is GREAT!

Let me introduce you to EVIL TURTLES.

we are a small corporation specializing in help those new to the game, or returning, an opportunity to learn all the aspects of the game - from wormholes to null - Mining to Missioning - Industry to dieing with honour!

We do full induction, in fact, have a look at this link

(please don’t pause and read, drop by the public channel, say hello we’ll give you the link)

It will tell you where we are, what we do, and more importantly, why I’m here speaking to you!

We are completely open from finances to our corporation goals.

If its something you’d like to know more about, drop by our public channel in game (in your corp channel there is a little speech bubble in the top left, click on that and type in EVIL TURTLES and say hello)

Good luck in EvE which ever way you go!


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Well I can’t offer as much as the others on this thread but I do have a small corp Noir Construction Solutions which specialises in Mining and Indy we have multiple opportunities for a miner such as Ice mining, HiSec ore mining & LoSec moon chunk mining. Plus we have quite a few contacts who have been playing for a while and could awnswer questions. N-Kon is an EZ Corp you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and we only ask that you have fun!
Message me in game if you wanna ask any questions.
And welcome to EVE. :slightly_smiling_face:

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