NOOB QUESTION: What does ESI mean for corps who traditionally require full API Keys?

The title says all. I’m just curious how this all will work. I’m a new and use SeAT to check API keys and wonder how switching to ESI will effect all of this.

In principle all existing apps will stop to work once the xml api goes away. The full api key could be replaced by single sign on requiring more or less all (read-only) scopes that are available, its “just” a lot of work to adapt all the existing apps, as esi returns the information in a format which is different from the xml api. All account level information won’t be available, so you could ask people to log in all chars and alts they have but you would have to trust them with that.
If tools like SeAT, jacknive… Will be moved over to esi I have no idea, just try to get in touch with the devs and ask them.



It’ll be interesting to see how things go. I’d love to learn how to use ESI.

SEAT is actively being migrated over to ESI. They are pushing updates daily to their release branch for 3.x. I’ve heard rumors of jacknife being ported over and recent activity on the github as well.

@Raven_Rotsuda check out all the info that was shared on Tips for a developer starting out with ESI! for getting started

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One very important part not covered here. Using ESI/SSO you sign an agreement that you will not track, defraud or basically use the informaton or authorizations for reasons the user is not aware of. This is shift from the XML API keys which were fair game to steal and abuse by spies.

My understanding of this is players should not have to fear that their authorizations will be used against them.

For example, if a user leaves your organization, but you can still track or change things like structure timers in their new corp; if you perform these actions, you may face repercussions.

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