North American Division – BRITTAS EMPIRE


North American Division – BRITTAS EMPIRE

Not a Brit? That’s fine (‘cause North Americans are better anyway!) :smiley:, we drink with anyone! We have recently created a North American Division within the Corp so even our friends over the pond have a place with us!

Sick of drama? So was I.

Sick of being hotdropped while flying a frigate through lowsec? So was I.

Sick of not having a solid core of players to mock and be mocked by on discord? So was I.

Sick of not having nice space to krab your little krabby heart out? So was I!

Seriously, it is like we are the same person, get out of my head and get into The Brittas Empire.


• Access to 0.0 space, we are NOT renters
• Member of a great Alliance and Coalition
• Competent and experienced leadership
• Active and large Alliance
• Enjoyable game environment that encourages teamwork and companionship
• Coalition SRP
• Alliance buyback programs
• Keepstar Umbrellas


• Capital Ratting
• Rorq Mining
• Small Gang PvP including Corp roams
• Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets
• Capital PvP
• Access to Industrial Infrastructure for all your Construction and Research needs
• Access to a well-stocked, and managed Market in our home.


• 5 Mill Sp Minimum
• Microphone, access to mumble and discord
• Must be able to speak English
• Self-sufficient for ISK
• Mature and respectful of others
• Wants to be part of a community and feel valued

Hop on discord today to chat to a recruiter. (not me, I have been banned from speaking to new folk on there.)
Hit the link here and say hi by pasting “It’s not true what people say about Blackfyre!” in public channel or “Is it true you have a village idiot named Mundi Kundani?”. But whatever you say, just agree with Mundi, that is what his Doctor told us to do!

I swear to God, ain’t nothin’ like home and Brittas Empire is your future new one (or future ex-one?!?).

Last thing to remember: Eve online is just a game and Real life always come first

“Try to have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?”
Col Stars and Stripes, Kick-Ass 2

NB: South Americans are also cool.

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We need you!!

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