Not Available Anymore

81 892 563 sp
location Jita
wallet 12 000 000
npc corp
80 bil starting bid

10b b/o

80 bil starting bid

Dude you don’t even have carriers to 4

Character location, kill rights and wallet balance? Required for the post so probably not best to call people stupid.

Also, don’t call it a super pilot when it doesnt have any of the required skills to level 4 as a bare minimum. Wouldn’t even want to undock in a carrier with those skills.


^^^ “but i have heavy fighters V” yeah but NONE of your Carrier skills are good…IMO you NEED carrier V for a good super pilot, carrier IV for a good carrier pilot, and a super pilot should have all of his support skills at IV, if not at V. right now youre selling a subpar carrier toon with good fighter skills

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