WTB Super carrier pilot

1:Good reputation is required

2:wallet Cannot be negative
3:Meet the requirements and standards of the Forum

4:The best skill point is about 5500w, or upward

5:It’s best to stay up at night

If there is a sale, please take your role and reply to me. If you are optimistic, I will contact you.

o7 mate,

I am potentially looking at selling toon of mine, heavily specialised into Supercarriers, but now training into Black Ops.

Skillboard: EveSkillboard - Bilboe Swaggins

At present, I have received the role. I’m going to close the theme

You don’t need to read this post. The character receives it and is ready to close the theme

@Arcanier, may offer 14 bil for Bilboe, answer or make the counter-offer in my thread, please

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