Nothing on D is recruiting for WH PVP Pilots


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Nothing On D [N-0-D] is a fairly new corp looking for any pilots who love to PVP, we are open to all experiences and skill points as long as you have a passion for the game and the ability to function within a WH. We live in a C4 with C5/C3 statics which provide us with good opportunities for PVE to fund our PVP and target rich chains to hunt in. We are a EU time zone corp with our main activity time being between 19:00-01:00 EVE time.

We are a friendly bunch of idiots who like to relax and have banter on comms with a very open minded sense of humour.

What we offer:
• Small gang PVP and hunting.
• Pathfinder for mapping and navigating the chain.
• Buy-back for Sleeper loot, ore, gas and salvage.
• Information and fits for all your WH needs.
• OK PI for those who want that.
• Regular PVE fleets to fund blowing other people’s stuff up.

What we need:
• Active in EU time zone and on Discord with a mic.
• If you’re in the chain you’re expected to be on comms.
• Login to SEAT.
• We require you to be able to fly at least a Stratios and any Covert Ops ship with all scanning skills to at least 3.
• To be self-sufficient within the WH.
• Be willing to fight, this is EVE no risk no reward.
• If you’re inexperienced, we can teach you, but we won’t hold your hand every step of the way.

If you’re interested join N-0-D Public or convo / mail Mulch Dibbler / Romad Dilsar / Calir Deminar

115mil SP Returning player (EU tz) looking for options
Looking for Corp
Returning PvPer looking for new corp [EU TZ]
114 mill sp pvp'er + alts + 3-4 other guys looking for next adventure
[CLOSED] Looking for small gang pvp & a maybe bit of industry on the side
Looking for a corp that has acess to and a solid group that can provide help in prodution! lots of toons
80mil SP returning Pvper LF WH CORP
Old Guy Returning
(Mulch Dibbler) #2

Still Recruiting

(Mulch Dibbler) #3

Still recruiting

115mil SP Returning player (EU tz) looking for options
(Mulch Dibbler) #4

Still Recruiting

152M skill point Pvp focused pilot looking for corp
Looking for Corp (40m SP, Null PvP)
Looking for wormhole corp
(Romad Dilsar) #5

Still looking for more pilots to sacrifice to our great savior BOB.

Come join N-0-D Public in game.

(Mulch Dibbler) #6

Still recruiting

(Mr Glaser) #7

Hello fellow WHers,

I just wanted to stop by and give you a shout out :speaking_head: (a forum bump as well in the process) for the great things you are doing in and out of game. Keep up the good WH life and we look forward to observing your JSpace activities in the future. We love to see WH Life grow!

If you ever want to join one of our in game shenanigans, need assistance, or even looking to expand ‘Nothing on D’s’ into a great community; reach out to us in our Wormhole Society Discord channel or even in game.


WHSOC Executive Council

(Mulch Dibbler) #8

Still recruiting

(Romad Dilsar) #9

Still looking for new members to help meet our saviour BOB’s sacrifice requirements … shoot us a message in game or come and join our public channel if you’re interested in joining.

(Mulch Dibbler) #10

Still recruiting for sacrifices to BOB

(Johnny English) #11

Sacrifices must be made to BOB. Enlist Now!

(Johnny English) #12

Unworthy players still contaminate BOB’s space, help us purge and clense his space.

(Mulch Dibbler) #13

Still looking for willing sacrifices

Looking for Corp
UK Player Looking
(Johnny English) #14


(Johnny English) #15

A Bump a Day, keeps the webs away.

(Xiaofan Zhao) #16

Heard about you guys from Facebook (the post about being sick of the carebear mentality). I’m interested. Shoot me a mail in game.

(Jodka) #18

Name: Jodka
Contact info: EvE mail (Jodka)
SP: 53m (armor,logi,BLOPS,frigates)
Age: 27
languages: English
Timezone: GMT-8
Professional Summary
I’m a wild man, give me a goal and it will be done. If you don’t have the resources for what you want, I will make them then train people to carry out the task.
My education is in Cognitive Science, along with a background in office work, management, and mathematics. All skills that bolster a myopic work ethic to get the job done.

Additional Highlights
.1% IQ


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Ingame mail sent

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ingame mail sent

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