Notice Post: Basic Corporation

Basic Corporation is a basic corporation.
Alpha friendly, no requirements outside of social niceties.
New bros, our aim is to assist in theory crafting of eve playstyle philosophy, alpha-omega transitions, and procurement.
Old Vets.: Basic aims to be a focal point of knowledgable and accurate information within in game chat channels. Honesty. Sincerity. and a healthy amount of directness. Basically, this is Basic Corporation.

Ground Up Basics
HS focused, nonwar, nonfriendlyfire. weekly fleet planned for US TZ Tue,Thu time tba (0400-0600 Game timeish)

This corporation is intended to be a basic building block in Eve Online and does not participate in any outside corporation drama or influence and as such has no intention of holding sov or challenging any status quo or assiting with any revolutions. Our game is the mind and our domain is thought.
The intention of members joining basic is to gain knowledge and eventually move on to brighter things.

Thank you for your attention while reading this notice.
Kindest regards,
Basic Pilot - CEO Basic Corporation-

It’s been over 1 month since Basic Opened it’s doors to public recruit.
We thank you for your continued support.

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