I'm looking for players to join a business corp

Good evening capsuleers!

I am a returning pilot and as such i am a bit late to the party of triglavian invasion. However i feel like this is a good opportunity to make amends in playing more of this awesome game.
In spite of being an alpha i am recruiting for a corporation based on business. No PVP or PVE as a corp activity. You can do whatever you like in private as long as it doesn’t affect the corp players.
We will be conducting ops as follows - hauling(contracts), arbitrage, and station trading. We will also try to dip our toes into industry but that at a later stage

Base of operations - Amarr - you choose your station.

I do not require full time dedication to the game as i realize it’s a hard to achieve feat. I only ask you to be online a week summed up per month. Just log in and check things around , or run some errands in game, so we can keep the party going.

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