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hey i wanted to know if im allowed to make a program that links up to a chat and shows me what is linked in there ?

In game chat? Probably not, but those are stored on your PC in Eve logs

as i wanted to do something with the chats and make a program were i can see it outside the game if im log in.
something like near2

Yes, I worked on a project like this a while ago:

Part of what it did was allowing you to upload your chat log. It would then poll the log looking for various commands. E.x. !pc cynabal and it would load price data for that type in the app.

Related, we got an honorable mention in their API challenge.

okay i will be logged on i just needed to know before i worked more on it ^^
and start testing it

Hope you share you work. Personally, I would love to see what you come up

i will start working on it first and get it done ^^