Now bow down

(Hir Miriel) #1

I like Planetary Production, it used to be PI but it’s better now as PP.

Well some bits are, CCP has this fascination, this obsession.

They want us to submit.

And often.

Perhaps the next pass at PP could include less submission.

(Whitehound) #2


I want magnets!

I want extractor heads and infra structure to snap to each other like magnets.

(Dark Engraver) #3

I want to be able to grow fedos on a farm

(Hir Miriel) #4

Most normal people want to be moisture farmers. But here is a link to help you…

(z0rberg) #5


(OId SouI) #6

Fken magnets, how do they work?

(system) #7

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