Now Recruiting

We are looking for miners. Best way to contact me is via Discord. More info below.

We are located in Null Sec (Drone Space), and we are currently looking for members. Currently, we are a small corporation but we are ready to grow. Our alliance in NOT a renters alliance so you are expected to log on to help defend the system. Real life, of course, comes first, Priority is Family first, Work second, and Eve third.

Plans for Moon mining is in the works and looking for members who have an interest in indy, but also not afraid to fight and to work with other corp members within our Alliance.

Looking for member who is:
PVPers, Miners, and Ratters.

What we have to offer:
A Low 2% Corp Tax rate.
P.I. Buy Program.
Alliance Level Buy Back Programs.

New accounts and characters are not likely to be accepted. But feel free register. If we ever start recruiting in a high sec sister corporation you will be contacted via your registered email.

Check out our website for more information

Your a CEO, looking for an Alliance?
Please speak with our alliance recruiter, Derris Su’Fak.
Or you can join the Eve in game Channel: BS IT Lounge

Visit our website for fast track registration:
Advised you talk with me first!

We’ve come up with some fun comics called Silent & Deadly. Two space beans that are apart of the BOLH crew. If you have an idea for a comic, feel free to leave a reply here and it may be worked in.

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Join me on Discord and we can chat

Never expiring Discord Invite:

Website has been updated.


In a great space. if your looking to get your feet wet in some null sec living hit me up.

Still looking for corp members. Message me in steam or join the BOLH discord channel.

FYI, your API must be a Full API. It will be screened and background checks will be done before you can be accepted.

Here is our Alliance Killboard:

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, if you are interested please feel free to reply here with questions. I am looking for PVPers, Miners, and of course P.I.

Lots of great plans for 2018.

We are still recruiting, looking for a few good beans.

Having a great start to a new year.

Still looking for new members. Please reply here or contact me in game.





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