NPC corp attributes, maybe more of a facwar idea

My idea for this seems like more of a facwar idea as you really don’t get to decide your NPC corp after your character creation, but maaaaybe that could be changed?

my idea comes from the fact that multiple npc corps and the empires they represent serve different roles in society and for that reason they can offer perks based on that specialty. for example:

Navy academies, since they are military focused organizations and you are most likely getting your crew-members from this organization, offer a 1% boost to combat attributes of their respective racial ship (s). (ehp, rof, accuracy)

industrial companies offer the same amount of attribute but for the task specific ship, such as Imperial Shipment should grant the same 1% boost to hauler agility and cargohold.

The scope is an oddball one since it is a news/entertainment agency. my suggestion is make it a lore thing that all capsuleers under the scope banner are constantly being monitored to use clips for reality TV if not stock footage for newscasts or making capsuleers idle journalists themselves. for that reason i’d say offer a 1% decline in CPU and PG (since cameras and monitoring equipment are installed) but since they need content to use for other’s entertainment, offer discounts/bonuses for insurance cost/payout.

obviously the pros will still have the same cons of corp tax and such, and the boosts, of course, will still need to see the balancing stage.

Yes, one more reason to remain in an NPC corporation…

This just creates a return to the old days of racial attributes where one choice was ‘superior’ and so everyone made one race and doing anything else was a bad choice.
So no. This sort of thing stiffles players.

Imo boosts based on the NPC corp you are in would create too much incentive to go there and stay there while also creating uneven differences (see character creation and racial attributes of old). Maybe if the NPC corps would sell boosters for LP or something.

But what I do like about your idea: simply being able to pre-select the NPC corp you will be thrown into after leaving a player corp would be nice. True - this wouldn’t change anything related to game mechanics (making it a very low priority change), but it could add a little bit of flair.
Imagine a Caldari pilot being able to select SCOPE due to his years of service for the Gallente militia.

Off grid boosts with even more invulnerability?

No. Let’s not.

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