NPC in belts always target the same player

My corp was setup to mine a moon.
After the laser was fired, I arrived first at the belt.
It was still moving.
A few minutes later more players joined the fleet mining operation.
As usual rats spawned.
They targeted me, I kill them with drones.
Later on more rats spawned.
Again they targeted me, killed them.
This happened 5 times in a row.
Each time out of 14 people present in the belt I was the one consistently attacked.
I think you should take a look at your npc AI, because I think they just always target the first player that was present on site.
They even ignore players much closer to their spawn point.
I am not complaining about always being targeted mind you.
It’s just that they should attack the target closest to them first I think.
In some cases, they spawned like 10km from another player in our fleet, and ignore him to come to me that was 70km away.

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IIRC its not about distance but threat level. If you have the most combat employed ship, youre the target

In ore anomalies, its seems it is the opposite, they always target the weakest ships, i.e. ventures fist, then Mining barges, then exhumers

I am in a mackinaw with plenty of Mackinaw around me.

I did a few more tests.
I actually docked for about 2 hours while eating lunch and my fleet mates continued to mine happily with the occasional rats coming in and targeting them.
When I came back I went back to about the same position as before (near the center of them moon-belt circle).
And then it started again, they attacked me first.
I am now wondering if the attack pattern is not based on the distance from the center of the belt.

It isnt. Distance has never to my knowledge played a part

Then something does not really add up.

I know for sure there are at least 2 other members of the fleet using the same setup as me with the same number and type of drones.

And yet I am still targeted first.
I even moved to put another member between me and the ‘center’ of the moon belt circle.
And still I got targeted first.

Again, I do not mind because they are no threat to me, and actually are helping with my daily 25 dead npc.
It’s just a curious thing happening.

years ago there was speculation of it being tied to security standings somehow. not sure if it is security or the standings towards the corp

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NPC targeting is a strange thing.

I’ve seen the behaviour you mention before. They just don’t like your ship in particular, no reason given.

I guess this all happened within one system, with no session changes like docking, ship swaps or jumps in between? I suspect your ship just rolled high on an invisible aggro prio list for that session, same reason NPCs sometimes target a player’s drones much more often until they do the voodoo of exiting ship and reentering their ship.

Maybe OP stirred up and griefed those particular NPCs so hard that they now have a personal vendetta against him. :slight_smile:

(Perfect roleplay opportunity.)

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I did dock at some point because I had to eat lunch.
When I came back, there was a wave of npc attacking another fleet member.
When that wave was destroyed, the next one that randomly came started attacking me first again.

And yes it is possible that the Serpentis did put me on a priority list because they tend to be my npc-snacks, :slight_smile:

i suspect, having 20 years experience in this game, that it might have something to do with the server assigning players a number in “order of appearance” after DT.

i assume this because some days one of my alts would get picked on and then another day another…it was pretty damn consistent over the years while nomming on roids in belts.

i hope that helps add some clarity to the ‘issue’

I would ask your fleet mates to present their security standing and their Serpentis standing. (for science)