Npc mining corps strip mining everything

What can be done about the proliferation of npc mining corps strip mining whole system before half the eve day has gone. I often see 2 different corps in one system. which does not leave much for the new player.
it is especially troublesome when your time zone is approx 12 hours diff from server reset.

can they be attacked? what are the consequences of attacking them ? will concord step in if you do attack them ? will they be back the next day with just as many ships, even if you can destroy them all ?

NPC fleets will call in for their re-enforcemnet fleet if attacked, and they will blap you… quickly.

There can be some decent loot from ganking NPC mining corp haulers. though.

My advice, go mine somewhere else.

Can’t you just have an alt in a corvette shoot at them? They will all go hide in a safespot.

Use the agency to find nearby ore anomalies. You’ll get more valuable ore and, as far as I know, the NPC fleets don’t affect these.

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shoot the NPC miners, just leave 1 alive and they become ineffective

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