NPC Null Sec Corp Recruiting Alpha and Omegas

Boatfull O Immigrants is Recruiting.

We are looking for Alpha/Omega’s who want to try out the 0.0 experience. We have experienced members who are willing to assist you in learning to live and thrive in 0.0, as well as learn to blow up stuff and get blown up at times. Full range of Industry-Mining as well as MIssions, Officer Hunting, Exploration. PvP for small gang to small fleets

Join us in our in game channel “Boatfull” to chat and get more information.

In the end Friendship is the only ship worthwhile being on

Still Looking.

Still Looking

Still looking Alpha/Omega

Recruiting, Alpha and Omega’s,

Come by for a visit. still recruiting

Still looking for folks

Still looking for members to join.

Still looking for those who might be interested in some NPC Null.

Still looking, come on by. had some fun roams and have people learning

Still Recruiting

Hi There,
I’m just starting to try Eve out again from a long time off. I’m wanting to get into some 0.0 ratting and salvaging for a while until i get back into the swing of things. Is that something you guys can offer? Or is it all PVP?

Like i say i used to play some years ago but want to try get back into it before upgrading from Alpha.

got a mix of things you can do. Plenty of exploration available. after last patch belt ratting can be an issue, but still doable. have missions available with Sansha so can make good isk in the LP store. folks like Slave sets for some funny reason :rofl: got folks to go roam against for some PvP action

still looking for more members, nice casual PvP and plenty of missions and exploration to do to generate isk.

Still looking for Alpha or Omega’s, come on by for a chat.

Still looking for new members

Come on by for a chat. Looking Alpha/Omega’s, Small Gang PvP and such, plenty of chances to make isk.

Still Looking Alpha/Omega

Recruiting Alpha/Omega’s who want to get their feet wet in Null.

Still looking for folks.