Boatfull O Immigrants! Enjoy freedom!

Hey guys, gals, and those of you who sexually identify as AT ships!

We’re once again opening up our ranks for more people to join our corporation, Boatfull O Immigrants!

About us:
We’re a decently sized NPC Null corp with roughly 20 systems we operate out of, with enough industry to satisfy even the most bear-like of null-bears, enough PvP for the bloodthirsty types, and exploration galore!

We are a tight-knit group of the most dastardly kind, where we log on, make money, blow things up, and drink enough alcohol to kill a horse. We have a VERY sturdy industrial complex built up, along with mission running, anomaly running, belt ratting, and good old pirate activities to quell all your urges.

We focus on being abrasive, causing as many diplomatic incidents as possible, and just having downright fun. Look us up, message me here or in game at Panini Panala and we’ll get the process started!

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