NPC Profile – Leopold en Villari

Akin to @MantelGlobalIndustries - NPC Profile – Wing Commander Esri Hakusozu. I have taken this from the Scope News video that displayed the Intaki diplomats record.


Born: 09:47, YC78.07.22
Bloodtype: Intaki
CONCORD ID 2119814377
Birthplace: Sembralle District Hospital, Sembralle District, Lenoika, Intaki Prime - Viriette, Placid

  • en Villari, Mourette - Mother
  • en Villari, Hugio - Father [Deceased]


Lummeroche Montessori, Sembralle District, Lenoika, Intaki Prime - (YC81-83)

Primary Education:
Chieverre Primary School, Lenoika, Intaki Prime - (YC83-93)

Secondary Education:
Bleumonne Preparatory Institue, Lenoika, Intaki Prime - (YC93-97)

Higher Education
University of Caille, Osmeden IX, Moon 6 - (YC97-101)

  • Offered scholarship for marks and Debate Society management
  • Graduate, Interstellar Relations Degree Track, Trade Diplomacy Specialization

Pre-Graduate Internship, Market Brokeage Communications Center

  • Local assignment at Unversity station, YC100.06.12- YC101.05.30

FEDERAL ADMINSTRATION - YC101.02.25 - YC109.06.11

Trade Office Secretary, Intrastellar Trade Sector, FA Information Center, Osmeden III

  • Direct-line hire path through University Career Services, YC101.02.25

Personal Assistant, Trade Negotiator Lauve Tirelle, Osmeden

  • Reassigned following assistance request, YC102.01.13
  • Commended for “Insightful observations when requested, cunning and efficient”

Planetary Exchange Liaison, Federal Administration Bureau Offices, Orvolle VI Moon 1

  • Promoted following personal recommendation from Lauve Tirelle, YC103.11.11
  • Awarded notation for timely handling of Orvolle VII-IV Shipping dispute, YC105.07.16

Extrastellar Trade Negotiator, Orvolle

  • Promoted, YC106.09.26
  • Bureau applauds ~10.2% average terms acquiescence period from avg.

FEDERATION SENATE - YC109.06.11 - Current Status

Diplomatic Advisor, Gallente Federation Senate, Beyt Constellation

  • Requested to advice constellation diplomatic operations, YC109.06.11
  • Commended for advising terms for Combined Harvest-Frarie VI pay dispute, YC113

Border Trade Negotiator, Jolevier-Yashunen

  • Reassigned, YC110.11.14
  • Noted for proper observance of Caldari customs by Planet II Sukuuvestaa Warehouse

Extraterritorial Diplomatic Attache, Caldari State Trade Delegations

  • Relocated by request of Senate Bureau administration, YC117.12.03
  • Records indicate high regularity of attache assignments compared to norm.

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