WTS: WTS 26m SP Nergal and Ishtar

Precursor Frigate LV5
Assault Frigates LV5
Gallente Cruiser LV5
Small Disintegrator Specialization LV5
Heavy Drone Operation LV5
Drone Interfacing LV5
Advanced Weapon Upgrades LV5
Cybernetics LV5

Total SP 26,066,923 Skillpoints
Unallocated SP 1,202,500 Skillpoints

Mid-grade Asklepian Beta
Mid-grade Asklepian Gamma
Mid-grade Asklepian Alpha
Mid-grade Asklepian Delta
Mid-grade Asklepian Epsilon
Mid-grade Asklepian Omega

Located will in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet balance
In NPC corp
No kill right
No jump clone

Starting at 24b


21b I


bomp !


Reject all quotations below 24BIL !!!

up ! ! !

24 Bil BO

If there is no higher quotation in the next 24 hours, I will pass this quotation

please sent Isk and acc name

Many thanks. I am at work atm. Will send details in about 8pm eve time. Work get funny about computer games in their time :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Isk and acct name sent.


Hiya, any update on the transfer please?

Please wait a moment. I am preparing a transfer fee of $20 and I am moving him to jita. The transfer will start within 24 hours.

Thanks for the update. Soonest would be good thanks.

removed account informatrion from the public forum. ISD Traindriver.

I’m very sorry that I have a new problem. He asked me to use Euro, but I only have US dollars, which will make me pay extra taxes. So please wait a moment. I am in contact with GM.

All the troubles have been properly solved, and the transfer begins!

Charactet recieved many thanks