NPC Profile – Wing Commander Esri Hakusozu

Taken from the recent Scope News video that displayed the permanent record of Commander Hakuzuso’s service file for lore examination and reference purposes.

Personnel File:

Name: Esri Hakuzosu
Rank: Wing Commander
Age: 37
Ethnicity: Deteis, State Caldari
Date of Birth: June 5th YC84
Birth Corporation: CBD Corporation
CBD Employee ID: 7296437641
State ID: 272159813426

Pre-Natal Information:

Nursery: Haanri-Ponosuu GenYards – CBD Corporation

Location: Yard 3112-B, Section 513, DynaCity 9, Annaro II – Outartoh Constellation, The Citadel

Implantation: 09:39 New Eden Standard Time, 7th November YC83

Gestation Period: 5,049.24 Hours

Birth: 18:54 New Eden Standard Time, June 5th YC84

Developmental Target Sum-Percentiles:

  • Phase I: 96+0.6
  • Phase II: 93+0.2
  • Phase III: 98+0.3

Corrections: None

Evaluation Notes: “No irregularities.” – eval ID 371552.16651


Ponosuu Cohort DT6-42: June 5th YC84

Assignment: Hakuzosu Vril (SID 38121927126), Taro (SID 43615253571) – 7th June YC84


Early Childhood: CBD Creche 17, DynaCity 9, Annaro II – YC84-89

  • Evaluated in Ability Quartile 1, 1st September YC85
  • Evaluated in Ability Decile 2, 12th September YC87
  • Evaluated in Ability Percentile 11, 7th September YC89

Primary Education: CBD Scholastic Center 4, DynaCity 9, Annaro II – YC89-94

  • Evaluated for Military Specialisation, 3rd November YC90
  • Evaluated for Aerospace Services Specialisation, 7th November YC92
  • Evaluated for Interstellar Service Cohort, 1st November YC94

Secondary Education: SWA Preparation Facility, DynaCity 9, Annaro II – YC94-99

  • Advanced to Capsuleer Candidates Programme, 15th November YC94
  • Qualified as Capsule Viable, 1st March YC96
  • Completion of Capsuleer Basic Training, 21st July YC99

Compulsory Service – 1st September YC99 to 1st October YC102

Annaro VIII – Moon 4 – State War Academy

  • SWA Basic Intake, Annaro Military Capsuleer Programme, 1st September YC99
  • Advanced to Capsuleer Special Tactics Programme, 15th March YC101
  • Completion of Capsuleer Military Training, 5th January YC102

Comments: “Hakuzosu exhibits swift-minded decisiveness and sound judgement. Recommended for accelerated placement within Spacelane Patrol”

Spacelane Patrol – 10th January YC102 to 15th March YC112

Cadet, Tasabeshi IV M13, Outartoh Constellation Training Patrol:

  • Assigned Spacelane Patrol Cadet Intake 10th January YC102
  • Note of Merit for Strategic Aptitude, 19th November YC105

Pilot Officer, Oimmo IV M10, Mito Constellation Patrol

  • Commissioned, 2nd July YC106
  • Commendation for Anti-Pirate Patrol, 27th December YC106

Comments: “Hakuzosu commended for taking command of patrol following loss of squadron commander in anti-pirate action.”

Lieutenant, Kani Squadron, Lonetrek

  • Promoted, 22nd April YC107
  • Spacelane Patrol Starburst, 17th November YC108

Comments: “Spacelane Patrol Starburst awarded for valorous conduct in defence of State and Megacorporation interests.”

Squadron Commander, Kani Squadron, Lonetrek

  • Promoted 22nd December YC109
  • Assigned Command of Anti-Smuggling Operations, Makiriemi Constellation, 5th January YC110

Lieutenant, Luuran Squadron, The Bleak Lands

  • Reassigned, 8th July YC110
  • Recorded as member of Anti-Provist Saikkan Salkui Society, 13th September YC110

Shore Commander, SLP Logistics Support Corps, Poinen I M2, The Forge

  • Promoted, 12th January YC111
  • Assigned Procurement Administration Duties, 25th January YC111

Captain of Logistics, SLP Logistics Support Corps, Poinen I M2, The Forge

  • Promoted, 14th September YC111
  • Assigned Liaison with Caldari Navy Logistics Support, 15th September YC111

Caldari Navy – 15th March YC112 – Current Status

Major, Caldari Navy Logistics Support, Vuorrassi

  • Transfer with Rank Credit, 15th March YC112
  • Assigned Navy-State Customs Logistics Liaison, Mito Constellation, 22nd May YC112

Lieutenant Colonel, Caldari Navy Logistics Support, Vuorrassi

  • Promoted, 7th October YC114
  • Transfer to Diplomatic Corps Requested, 3rd January YC115

Lieutenant Colonel, Caldari Navy Diplomatic Corps, Yulai

  • Assignment Approved, 12th February YC115

Colonel, Caldari Navy Diplomatic Corps, Yulai

  • Promoted (with retrospective credit), 30th August YC115
  • Transfer to Caldari Navy Strategic Design Corps Requested, 5th February YC117

Colonel, Caldari Navy Strategic Design Corps, Jita

Assignment Approved, 3rd June YC117

Wing Commander, Caldari Navy Strategic Design Corps, Jita

  • Promoted, 11th April YC120
  • Assigned Strategic Dreadnought Upgrade Programme, 7th December YC122
  • Military Director of Strategic Dreadnought Upgrade Programme

Where did it all go wrong? Or is it a setup, darlings?

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