[AU TZ FW corp] Hyasyoda Capsuleer Militia

Recruitment video: Hyasyoda Capsuleer Militia recruitment video - YouTube

Capsuleers of the Caldari state, as you seek your fortunes among the stars, do not forget where your loyalty lies. For you are Caldari, born with an owed responsibility to your corporation and duty to your state. Today we call upon you to fulfill that obligation and fight for the state against our enemies.

Hyasyoda Capsuleer Militia is an AU timezone faction warfare corp fighting for the Caldari. Our features are:

  • distributed leadership, we will delegate as appropriate and develop a bureaucracy that prevents over dependence on one person or a small council
  • squad based units, people will be sorted into squads based on TZ, availability etc. Squads will organize their own ops, train together and become effective combatants as well as effective teams. To facilitate this further the military wing will have a tiered structure as necessary.
  • “safety green”, we are representatives of the state, not pirates, we don’t hunt neutrals and shoot only that which we can with safety set to green.
  • standardized fits - our fitting team works out a variety of fits for the ships we will use, easier for you, easier for the FC and easier for the industry team as well.

Main focuses:

  • Plexing - push the Gallente hard.
  • Industry - keep the front lines supplied with fitted ships and ammo and help our allies as well.

There will be other faction warfare content including missions/data sites as well as other opportunities but the above are the corporations main focus.

Newer players are welcome. Would you like to know more? here’s our discord: Hyasyoda Capsuleer Militia

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We welcome new players or players who want to get started in FW. So, if you’ve been thinking about trying out this content, on Discord (linked in the advert).

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