[SUGOI] Doki Doki Kestrel Club 「FORMATION」

Artist’s Impression of 667th State Guards-Grenadier Division assaulting Federal positions during Operation: Steel Reign, BYC 62.

//21 DECEMBER YC 119
//Kenshiro Enclave
//Nani System

Formation of Doki Doki Kestrel Club

“…if ever in your future struggle for our people you should find your resolve faltering, tempted to drink from that bitter cup that is life’s sorrow, then remember this: Within your frailness of spirit, uncared for by the cold winds of fate, and wept for by none in the endless snows of despair still beats a heart. A Caldari heart. A heart that carries within it the hope, the dreams, the will, and the fierce determination of every citizen with the fury of every star in the State against the darkness of the long and lonely night. The strength of our proud nation is not to be found in the ships of the Fleet, nor in the HC-130 Gunnlogi of the Army, but in the hearts of every man, woman, and child of the State which continue to beat in defiance of those who have sought to destroy us, whether from without or from within, to force the yoke of humiliation and defeat around our necks.

We as soldiers have made a mockery of our enemies not because we are conquerors, warmongers or natural killers, but because we are citizens of the State; whether in the offices or in the factories, father, mother, daughter, son, friend and comrade we fight not for glory or plunder but only to ensure the safety of those we love as our duty.

If ever in your future struggle for our people should you think yourself alone, lost, or afraid, look to the ones you love and know that the sound of their Caldari heart beats the same as your own, and it beats as strongly now just as it has for a thousand years:



– Excerpt from commencement speech delivered by Kommandant Kommissar Veikitamo “AHAB” Gesakaarin to graduate students of the Nani-Achur Naval Institute, 20 December YC 119.

Today I am proud to announce the creation of the Doki Doki Kestrel Club [SUGOI] as an SCC registered entity. Implemented from those who have all successfully graduated top of their class in their final High School Form academic year in addition to their completion of the Optimierung des Gefechtswertes in modernen konventionellen und asymmetrischen Einsatzzenarios einer Fregatte der Turmfalken-Klasse: Eine taktische Studie. (Optimization of the combat value in modern conventional and assymetric mission scenarios of a Frigate of the Kestrel-Class: a Tactical Study.) program at the Nani-Achur Naval Institute (NANI) for YC 119.

The top graduating class squadron and its students of the Optimierung des Gefechtswertes in modernen konventionellen und asymmetrischen Einsatzzenarios einer Fregatte der Turmfalken-Klasse: Eine taktische Studie program, Black Tentacle Squadron, have now begun their post-graduate combat studies as part of a new combat cadre: Rolling Tsundere. [BAKA-] within the Doki Doki Kestrel Club.

The traditional practical skills learned at NANI of small unit tactics; poetry; infiltration; calligraphy; dynamic entry; CQ Blade Mastery; and knowledge of how to prepare the tea, The Caldari Way; in addition to the personal virtues of self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and a patriotic love for both the State and their comrades will serve them well as they embark on a new journey with the unyielding firmness of character required to be worthy Caldari Officers of the State.


Veikitamo Gesakaarin
[Insert Titles Here]


I have absolutely no idea what the hell I just witnessed, but I can’t help but feel like it’s something truly wondrous.


As Student Council President of Rolling Tsundere, I would like to thank the Kommandant for bringing us together and giving us this opportunity.

I won’t let you down Kommandant.

Ladies, let’s do our best, ok!


Your Vice President stands ready to back you up.

Our sincerity and fighting spirit will win the day!


Social Activities Chair Hanako Sakamoto, reporting in! It’s important that we’re a unit on the battlefield and off - I’ll be sure to keep the girls in line with wholesome extra-curricular activities, Gesakaarin-senpai.

For honour, for our ancestors, for The State!


Secretary Nami Soriyu here! Ready to take notes and minutes of all council meetings, comment on battle reports, and overheat all modules!

Glory to The State!


May the winds forever guide you, and the stars light your way. Good hunting.


I hate all of this, but, damn is it clever.


Camp counsellor, and all round medical backup, Takuto Chen reporting in to support our wonderful women in blue. Let it be said that the State is always there to support those who deserve it.


Kestrels!! :heart: :heart:


It has been a pleasure to experience such wonder and learn so much! Our goal is to excel beyond standards and strive to be the very best! We look forward to learning even more!

Get ready! Here we come!


Are you trying to get Suitonia as a member?


Not particularly, no. This is about carrying on traditions for a new generation of Caldari Officers.

There is a reason why the top 100 all time kill-list for Kestrels feature many former PY-RE alumni.


Are you going to make the Black Rebel Rifter Club your rivals?


The who?


They’re pirate group gang of delinquents I’ve heard about. Their group, and yours, have similar naming conventions and I’d wondered if there weren’t some inspiration there. Might’ve been the start of a “this cluster ain’t big enough for the both of us” thing.

But I do suppose that answers my question.


Delinquents don’t scare us. It might come to blows!


I’m sure your kokoro is in the right place.

So which one of you is fighting the Gallente by moonlight and winning love by daylight?


Excuse me Miss, but we are a serious and honourable fighting unit.


I don’t believe I implied otherwise.