Caldari State and Kintsugi

To the caterpillar, a butterfly sounds like death

This talks about change.

One thing is, a thing ceasses to be, a new thing is. It is a process, not a destination.

Change has no origin and no destination. One does not go from a higher state for this implies a lower state (and vice versa), as this only happens within the illusion of duality.

In many of our Achuran monasteries, there is an art/philosphy of Kintsugi, where certain objects once “broken” (changed/not what it once was) are repaired with gold. Not only it is a pleasant aesthetic, but also does not shy away from the history of said object, and one can extract beauty from this juxtaposed state of what was then and what is now.

The Caldari State is a beautiful thing as it is, and a precious one to many. Our history is one of traditions, of sacrifices, of overcoming and mostly of survival, as there is also plenty of beauty, of measure, and harmony. Ours is a way of balance.

Those who practice attachment will suffer for trying to slow down the ever moving wheel of time, destroyer of things. Raata Empire no more, Gallente Federation founding member no more, Caldari Providence Directorate no more, perhaps not even Caldari State anymore. (Corporate State of the Caldari People seems to be the ongoing process).

And yet, at the same time we are none of those things anymore, we never let them go away completely. We are where we are because of those forms, we still have imprints like waves upon the sand.

Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.

For the Doki Doki Kestrel Club members that are questioning their own paths, consider taking the time to medidate upon your needs and once you found your right action, strike without thought.

For the Kybernauts who are gathered upon a banner for many different reasons, the changes you are bringing upon the cluster will be felt for years ahead, for a new thing to come, the old must go away.

For ENDECOM supporters who fight valiantly, keep the speed of changes in check so the reality as we know is still hospitable to nurture life to enjoy the spectacle.

And to all Caldari (and New Eden residents), i invite you to leave your front door and your back door open. Let despair come and go, just don’t serve it tea.

This too, shall pass.

“And whatever else it might be, it’s not the end. It doesn’t feel like death. Unless a rockpool dies, when a wave breaks over it. Or warm breath dies as it fades…and makes its peace with air”


Greetings Capsuleers.

I find it interesting how things flow and situations present themselves.

Recently i spoke with Kōsa, my temple abbot, about the possibility of inviting my fellow pilots to visit our temple, get to know our acclaimed Kintsugi collection and talk a little bit about our lifestyle.

As i was considering how to do it, it came to my attention that one of our esteemed cerimonial tea cup, one that was a gift from an old Achura Emperor, highly regarded by our peers, was broken.

There was quite a commotion, to say the least. Some people were angry, some were sad, and some did not even pay attention to it.

I volunteered to help give the cup a new form, and the work is now done.

So, in order to celebrate the new (or mourn the old), i invite anyone who wishes to know a little more about the temple, the collection, or wish to attend a service, i will be giving a tour and saying some words tomorrow at 17:00.

If you wish for transportation and a pre-chat, i will be available at the Achura Homeworld Raitaru orbiting Saisio III from 16:00 to 16:30, and from there the gathered group will be taken to the temple.

If you wish to go by yourself, just show up there, there is an open door policy.

Everyone is welcome, capsuleers, kybernauts, baseliners, just be nice and do not make a mess to the place or each other.

Until tomorrow!

For more information, please contact myself or my office

You can join the “Achura Homeworld Office” channel at 16:00

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I am grateful for those who shared their time with me and for the words exchanged.


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