Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa Statement on Labor Radicalism


Consider this a public statement on an unfolding matter regarding the Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa Comrade’s Provisions Club. We are an organizational network of labor-nationalists dedicated to establishing parallel institutions for the free association of labor outside the Megacorporate-sponsored unions. We are the successor to the ill-fated Kitagawan Ketsonet Nuijaa, made up of Jita 4-4 Teamsters and Home Guard veterans organized by the late Aksesu Kitagawa. Since Kitagawa’s untimely passing I’ve worked to bridge the old guard with new opportunities for labor organizing, and taken up the role as lead secretary.

Since its inception, the Kitagawan Ketsonet Nuijaa was mired by controversy for its alleged roles in stoking the unrest that lead to the Torrinos lockdowns, the Jita 4-4 space elevator security breaches, and the bombing of CEP spire. I have never denied radical labor-nationalists role in these confrontations, and have openly reaffirmed our commitment towards standing behind the Caldari working class and supporting their struggle to the hilt. While to date no State police force nor the Navy has presented credible evidence tying Kitagawan Ketsonet Nuijaa, it is undeniable up to this point that we have armed and trained workers unions so that they might better defend themselves and uphold their role in the state against foreign and domestic encroachment. Kitagawa’s legacy was, until very recently, that of ensuring the common man the ability assert his role in the State and act as they see fit to defend that which is entitled by his labor; never was it ever before thought of as a legacy of subversion and chaos by even his inner circle.

Since taking the role of secretariat, new documentation has come to light among Kitagawa’s administrative records implicating him as having had a more direct act in the organizing the violence seen in YC123 than previously imagined. While the specifics are still a matter of investigation and will be shared with Home Guard authorities, it is clear now that Kitagawa was part of a plot to steer the legitimate grievances of the Caldari working class to violence both to cause chaos in the state and deliberately undermine attempts at labor reform. These documents were recovered from a personal lockbox in Aksesu’s teamster office among his personal effects, among them one dark iron black dagger.

Words cannot express my sorrow and shame at this development. I grieve for the man we thought we knew that led us astray, and I greave for the memory of their father that his children have now lost. Most of all, I grieve for the people of the State among all classes who were swept away in one man’s personal ambition at the cost of so much potential progress undermined. While his death remains gruesome, it now seems like a terrible blessing to have brought his crimes to light and allowed us to lift a mirror to the current state of our organization.

With the pain, however, comes hope. This will not be the end of building a future for the working man. Already, Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa has begun the process of purging our ranks of those found in connection with Kitagawa’s crimes and replacing them with a more resilient and loyal ideological vanguard made up of seasoned veterans and headstrong leaders. We will renew our efforts of labor organizing, unburdened from the jackals in our ranks. Comrade’s Provisions Club has, after much negotiation with the State Protectorate, obtained a limited letter of charter to act as paramilitaries in the militia conflict zone as a method to serve the State while atoning for the transgressions of our former associates. It is my most sincere hope that we might act as a beacon of hope to the working man in Black Rise, Placid, and other emergent conflict zones when our soldiers arrive to cast out the enemies of the state that occupy our cities and our factories, establish self-sufficient union militia in areas otherwise cut off from the direct support of the Protectorate, and establish a new paradigm in liberated worlds where labor may flourish as I know it can in the State’s core.

Please, I humbly ask your acceptance in this endeavor as we work to make things right while still finding a better way to aid the working class of the State. Rikaato.

As a preemptive stipulation, I was not privy to being a member of Kitagawa’s inner circle prior to his passing. I had only, up until recently, acted as an outside speaker invited to present theories on union reform and labor collectivization. Following Kitagawa’s passing, many of his old associates either vanished themselves or stepped down once his body had been discovered. I won’t speculate as to why.

I only know that my theories resonated with the organization’s base of young workers and veterans, so I was offered the position which I gladly accepted. Other than my speaking roles, I happily donated funds and material support to the cause of labor organizing which I’ve readily acknowledged in the past. That does not mean I was privy to the ongoings behind closed doors, or indeed that I had any way of knowing the depths of Kitagawa’s depravity. What I do know is that free from the baggage of that madman, there remains a strong heart of vanguard loyalists who truly believe in the mission of labor-nationalism.

The endemic corruption of unsanctioned labour unions has been made evident by this incident.

For those who believe that the agitation against corporate authorities by labour unions have noble goals and ends need only look at the actions of this “Comrade’s Provisions Club” to be disabused of any notions otherwise that unsanctioned labour unions are nothing more than the platforms for personal ambition and cronyism at the expense of their members.

Do not be a pawn in the machinations of the venal and corrupt leadership of self-styled “revolutionary” labour unions for they do not have the best interests of the Caldari worker in mind – join the Caldari State Worker’s Union instead and ensure your efforts and labour serve Mother Megacorp!


Does it just for me sound almost the same as “treason”?


The paper pushers in Asakai will truly admit anyone into the Protectorate. Do not think this changes your status in the eyes of the heiian.

Wherever you go in my AOR, I will be watching. Not that I expect you will take much time in the warzone. Your ilk are toy soldiers stuffed with pretty words and petty politics.


Only Corporations represent will of Caldari people.
Going against Corporations means going against Caldari people.

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I am starting to understand why my family objected to my decision to join the militia now. If you are going to make yourself useful, then that is good, but I do not want to hear anything about undermining society or providing weapons to non-megacorporate organisations. I invest a lot of time, resources and effort in providing the militia with knowledge, supplies and a stable forward operating base and I do not enjoy the prospect of sabotage from within.

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It is one of the reasons ‘uniting calmil’ remains an elusive dream.

The militias are rough and ready paramilitary groups. On all sides there are unsavory characters, scoundrels, mercenaries and pirates - but on some sides more than others. That is before taking into account the tendency of loyalists to shout “Traitor!” and start blasting with the faintest provocation. They will then dig their heels in and hold that grudge for years. They are warriors by nature and do not brook compromise with anyone no matter what wind blows.

Progress can be made, steadily. Some things at least are readily clear and agreed upon. Some traitors, such as the original poster, are quite shameless.


I’m not asking for peoples consent over our existence and struggle, the ability to organize and free association of labor is something that can only be dictated by labor itself. But I do ask for people to keep an open mind, and tolerate our presence. Suzaku-haan himself said as much, the militia has openly accepted spies, pirates, mercenaries, and traitors among their midst before if it served the interests of the State. Is it really so unbearable to accept common cause with the Caldari working class of all people? Is that the step too far?

The purpose of this thread was to announce our findings that our organization had been infiltrated and subverted up to this point but no longer, and to make clear our intentions to atone for this by directly supporting the armed struggle of our fellow statesmen in securing their own lands and factories that would be otherwise misappropriated by Gallente imperialism. Now granted our egregious history leaves some room for skepticism and I fully expect us to be kept at arms length until we prove ourselves valuable allies, but don’t you think its a little unfair to apply this level of skepticism towards our organization when we were the victim of subversion and infiltration? I don’t see anyone applying the same standard to Expert Intervention, Interal Security, or much less the whole of Nugoeihuvi after their paramilitaries were utilized by Equilibrium of Mankind to carry out the bombardment of Tierijev IV just last year. Mind you, under the same MO that was carried out by our previous administration’s secretariat.

All of this was a folly and not one I expect to be forgotten or forgiven. But it should be understood that this may well have been part of a ploy carried out by a literal doomsday cult in which we were the unfortunate patsies left holding the bag when all we meant to do was improve the material conditions of the working man and woman. Thats more than I can say for the mercenaries of Expert Intervention who happily attempted to escalate the pendulum war, anyway.

Oh hardly. I’ll spare you the soap box, kirjuun, but I’m no traitor to the State. If anything I see the State for what it can be if we refined the purity of our intent and cultural vision. I believe in roles Kim-haani, no less than you believe in the role of the soldier. I recognize that the role of the worker extends not just to their wage labor, but ought extend to include more of the product of their labor and the environment in which they toil. Imagine if the executive middle manager class felt the need to dictate the status of a soldiers barracks, the readiness and stowage of their weapon, or how their traditions are carried out and shared rather than the people that rightfully fight and die carrying out the role of a career soldier. Why the hell should pencil pushers then feel entitled to have disproportional control over the livelihood and organization of an experienced, professional labor force?

Perhaps in years past a vanguard at the head of the State made up of the working class and veterans ensured cohesion between CEOs, managers, and the workers but that time is long past and increasingly all other roles within the state feel emboldened to encroach on and dictate the role of labor despite being one of the most vital positions in Caldari society. Unless we are able to restore something similar, then I’d say the working class are due a system where they have more determination over their own spheres of responsibility if the alternative is their way of life being continuously infringed by decadent eggheads more concerned with finding new ways to conduct wage theft to better their profits in a multinational market than the overall social cohesion of the Caldari State.

One of the issues that makes me skeptical of your organization is that you seem to take it upon yourself to classify large swaths of people, then decide that you work for their betterment, that you speak for them, and that opposing what you say means opposing the people who you claim to speak for.

You seem to believe that the traditional ways of governance, an ideal that our entire civilization is built on and has brought us to a point where we rival the other empires, is flawed, or is not good enough, or has some sort of defect that justifies upending our way of life. Meritocracy is the cornerstone of what it means to be Caldari. If some can make it but others can’t, then it falls to the others to work harder. If they cannot, then they don’t belong in our State.

Concerning governance, one does not put a soldier in charge of research on pathogens. The working class does not belong in a boardroom anymore than an executive would belong digging a ditch. Neither would be as successful at the task as they would in the position they have the training, mindset and experience in.

Though it is your actions that reflect negatively on you, as an organization, it is moreso your philosophy that does not seem compatible with the Caldari way.

That being said, the Militia is filled with many people and organizations fighting for their own purposes, and as long as it helps the State, what you believe matters little.


But doesn’t that assume a relatively similar baseline starting point? After all, it’s not like all children in the State are given the same slate of opportunities. A child with an aptitude for artistic expression might go far if born to parents of even moderate means in NOH, but born to factory workers for Hyasyoda, the eccentricities that would have led to success only hold that child back.

Personally, I think the State’s system does very well for the majority of its citizens, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. No system is. But the mere fact that it can’t ever be perfect also means that there’s room for innovation and improvement, and a parallel, independent framework of labor advocacy might potentially provide that. Until the potential for such a thing, run by loyal Caldari in accordance with the tranditions and values of the Caldari people, is actually tested for effectiveness and efficiency, to dismiss it out of hand because it’s not popular seems… well, democratic, not meritocratic.

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I don’t AWOX, if that’s what your asking, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to forget about your role in the CEP Spire Bombing.


If someone is a weak link in one job they can be reassigned to another job within their Mega. There is no reason to disenfranchise someone because they can’t do A if they are able to do B.

The State is where it is today because the individual puts the needs of the group before that of their own. I agree that there is space for change, but rather than unnecessarily improving the conditions of the worker strata, it makes more sense to downscale the conditions of the upper echelons of society in order to funnel more resources into the megacorporations, where the additional funds can be put to use for the purpose of strengthening the military, the economy, infrastructure, education and healthcare even further.

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Yes, but in order for that to happen, you’d need to have leverage with which to convince the upper echelons to act against their own short-term interests. Humans being, well, human beings, they’re not going to generally be inclined to do so. If they were, after all… they already would have. Which is one of the ways a parallel, independent framework can help provide the innovation/improvement.

If a child was truly destined for an artistic life, one that would benefit the State moreso than their position in a factory, then they would eventually achieve that position. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to transition to different jobs, and even entirely different megacorporations. Difficult, but if the person had the will and aptitude, they could do it. I myself spent seven years working as an assistant to a maintenance technician in a factory, but when I was fourteen, I decided to pursue law instead, and worked alongside the investigations division in my city-complex. It took a few years of petitioning the regional workforce oversight board, but I was able to prove myself and got the transfer.

I’m sure there are worker advocacy boards, in some form or another, within the various megacorps. Some of better quality than others, yes. But I’m not sure there’s a place for a State-wide system as such, since that would be a pretty large infringement upon how each megacorporations governs themselves. I imagine it would be like the Brutor or Thukker tribe trying to legislate how the Sebiestor should deal with internal tribal matters.

(Apologies for the late reply, my schedule leaves me little time nowadays)

Growing up in the Caldari State I would describe myself in terms of my ethical and moral beliefs as that of a utilitarianist – that the greater good of the corporation and the State takes precedence over my own needs.

As such, I can accept the adverse material conditions of the Caldari working class so long as such conditions by those in that position serve a far greater need and purpose. I feel they do. The sacrifices of the Caldari worker permit greater spending on the military-industrial complex and the soldiery of the State in order to undertake the greatest of all goods demanded of a citizen – the continued survival and existence of the Caldari State in the realm of armed conflicts against its adversaries.

Compared to that, the agitation of unsanctioned labour groups seems to me the province of sophistry by self-interested demagogues who seek to politik about the individual costs that current workplace conditions incur for their own ends without any recognition that such conditions are necessary for the collective defense of the Caldari people.


Been paying attention to Republic politics in the last fourteen years?

Semi-facetious joking aside, that’d only be true if it were one of the megas attempting to dictate positions to the others. If, instead, it’s an independant body, then it becomes more like… I dunno… the Caldari Navy policing systems with Lai Dai and NOH stations in them. Or the CBT resolving disputes between the megas. You know, the kinds of independent-but-cooperative oversight structures the State already has.

On the topic of those that would argue that they hear the plight of the working class but differentiate themselves with the shocking and brave take that it is better for labor to appeal to authority to improve their material conditions–

You truly are wizened and carrying on the legacy of Tovil-Toba by… Urging restraint and patience so that the powers that be might take notice of your peaceful, non-disruptive demonstrations. That was sarcasm, if your universal translator is failing you there. I’m reminded of a quote, listening to people clutch at pearls and insist that the unity of the Caldari people is worth more than the plight of labor and that workers of the state should simply stay in their lane for the good of the State. And I quote:

“It is rather strange that the good of the many seems to constantly coincide with whatever policies weaken the Caldari, the Intaki, and the Mannar and keep them under the heel of the Gallente.”

  • Caldari Senator Kiriusu Otenga, Senate session 23154/T3782.

To date no one has offered anything close to a convincing or satisfactory answer to explain how the exploitation of the Caldari people by the imperialist forces of the Federation is any different from the exploitation of labor in the interest of the executive class. Moreover, how appealing to authority and placing trust in exploitative institutions is somehow carrying on the legacy of the Caldari way of life. I propose another quote, this time by Matias Sobaseki.

“Slowly but surely we are betraying the legacy left to us, the children of the Raata. The light of the Caldari spirit grows ever darker under the encroaching shadow of our would-be masters.”

We are Caldari. Wind does not bow, to an imperialist Federation and not to those within our ranks that have adopted the exploitation driven liberal business model that has infiltrated the State since the end of the State’s protectionist policies. We do not allow ourselves to be subjugated by appeals to unjust authority, be that by allowing them to be captured and diffused by a false electoral system nor through a corporate hierarchy that infringes on the roles and jurisdiction of the worker. The Caldari spirit is that of taking mastery of your own destiny alongside others on the mass line in solidarity against those that would assert their will over your way of life.

Anyone that says otherwise is either invested in preserving their own stake in the system of exploitation slowly strangling the Caldari worker, or allowed themselves to be defanged the moment anyone with authority dangles a vapid platitudes of national unity in front of their face. Yet you dare accuse me of being the self-interested demagogue.

No. Our goals are not only just, but vindicated by the Caldari spirit before it was domesticated by transnational interests. The failures carried out under Kitagawa’s orders were not a fault of the core methodology but instead due to a lack of a strong, ideological vanguard to protect the moment from infiltration or internal threats. Something that was entirely absent from the Ketsonet Nuijaa until now under my secretariat .

Keep my name off of your traitorous lips, cur, or I’ll whip you like a dog next chance we meet.

Is this you?

Those are my words.

The fact it is me, one who is counted among the most patient voices of the militia, who persistently calls for unity among estranged Citizens - that should tell you exactly where you stand with all loyal Caldari.

No matter how many words you twist.

No matter how much you beg.


The more ink you spill, the more clear you make your treason. If you had any decency, you would this very day - this very moment - shut up and return to quiet and dignified labor for whatever mega would still hire you.

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