NPC tracking

Anyone know how small need to be the signature radius/ how much speed I need to have that my ship don’t take damage from NPC’s Battleships, Battlecruisers and Cruisers?

It’s going to vary based on

  • what you’re flying
  • what is shooting at you
covers the basics

some 3rd party fitting tools include a damage analysis tool
EveHQ does … dunno about EFT/Pyfa as I don’t use them

it’s actually a very complicated question, and doesn’t have an easy answer
as the answer involves trigonemetry

Depends on how far away from the NPC ships you are. When sniping from 80km+ 250m/s are enough that most NPCs miss my Raven with 410 m signature radius. The small ones because I am way out of their fallout and the bigger ones because 250m/s is enough to avoid their bad tracking. But don’t try that with WH rats, those got far better tracking.

A 135 m signatur radius VNI doing 1200m/s is near untouchable for cruisers and above - no matter the distance. (As long as you don’t aproch in a straight line.)