[NPE] Caldari tutorial and military career agent

It’s not a good idea to hand out blasters to new players.
Most Caldari turreted ships do have bonus to optimal - long range weapons profit most.

Hand out 75mm rails

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You use a corvette for 5 minutes. After that there’s no caldari ship with an optimal bonus until you get a cormorant. By that time you can just buy 75mm weapons…which you’re going to have to do anyways since you don’t get enough handouts to fill a cormorant rack.

Like dude…

They hand out those blasters in tutorial and in the military career.
It was changed some patches ago, befor it was 75mm rails.
Useless change - irritating for new playeers.

And how should they know, they have to buy rails?!

Just think…

Speak for yourself.

Which ships are you talking about?

How many weapons do you need to fully use those ships?

How many weapons are handed out in the tutorials?

Answer all these questions first before you reply. You’ll find that new players have to buy weapons anyway before they can fully use any ship that has an optimal bonus.

Before that however, all turreted frigates have a damage bonus, which works fine with the blasters and the antimatter ammo that you get.

Having long range weapons combined with antimatter combined with the tutorial instructions to orbit at 500m rather than optimal doesn’t make sense. The blasters will work better during this time, and will continue to be a better option until the player works out how optimal and different ammo works. By which time they’ve more than likely used the market several times.

Just think eh?

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