NS alliance wanted for pvp, pve and indy corp

I am looking to take my corporation to Null sec. We are an indy Corp, however we have often run pvp and pve fleets. I am looking for a NS alliance to take us in.

What we want:

  • pvp training: our pvp skills are below average and we would require more experienced pvp ers to assist in training our members.
  • industry: a requirement for us to build for the alliance. It’s in our blood to build. We will need facilities or the availability to place our own down to continue this.
  • pve: opportunities for plenty of pve content to ensure that dank isk keeps rolling in.

What we can offer:

  • pvp: a willingness/eagerness to participate in regular pvp fleets and ops.
  • numbers: while only a small Corp, most of our members are active and log in daily.
  • industry: a very strong production line capable of building almost anything. Building for a cause, not just for profit is a Corp ambition we hope to have realised by joining the right alliance.
  • Active mostly through EU TZ.

If we sound like a good fit for your alliance, please contact Orion Cassini (me) to discuss further. Thanks.

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You have an evemail from me in your inbox o7

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We are a SOV holder located in Providence -
take a read and see if you are interested in going forward.


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I have already contacted your alliance for some more info and after the initial response I have received nothing since. If you can have someone contact me or reply to my messages in-game asap I would be grateful.

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