[NSN] North Star Networks – 20 Years

Hello dear space friends!

Even though this forum section isn’t that active anymore and the days of battling it out in text are long gone, we announced our start here, both as a corp and staunch forum warriors so it seems fitting we add something for this milestone.

Today NSN turns 20 years years old. Lowa turned 20 earlier this summer. When I started EVE I would never in my wildest dreams thought I would say that.

Founded by our legendary leader Bamsefar (who rode a real-life Blackbird btw), taking us from our humble beginnings of mining to our first venture into null. Basically a n00b-corp joining Phoenix Alliance and being shaped by the first Great Northern war to joining Mercenary Coalition and ruling the skies at the peak of our existence.

Soooo many people, events, battles and adventures…too many to write out as it would be a novel and I honestly can’t recall it all. But I think the one thing I personally will always remember and what cemented my love and for a time, addiction for EVE;

Escorting of a spy out of the North while BoB/RKK watched and threatened total war if we opened fire. It was the most intense thing I had ever experienced in a game. The war came anyway ofc, and that initial build-up to the first battle, chaotic (and laggy) as it was, again the most intense thing I had ever experienced in a game. And it was awesome, the battle shakes…man, the battle shakes! That fight was also made into, I think, the first NSN video that we (Leafo) put out.

In shared first place of memories is the best ship in EVE!

From in-game to real life, I’ve met and talked and been on adventures with fantastic people. I’ve seen and done things thanks to friends I made in EVE which are frankly just crazy (Hello nuclear submarine base!) but most of all I, we, just had a really good time meeting up. From NSN-fest to Fanfest, from Sweden to the US.

Many/most contacts and friends are now gone, I no longer know where they are or what they are doing. But I hope they are doing well and are happy. If for some unbelievable reason some of you stumble onto this post, know that you really helped make this game into what it meant to me.

But all this is rose tinted nostalgia, various drama (this is EVE after all) and real-life took its toll and today we are just a few guys doing nothing that matters in the grand scheme of things and play when time allows. I appreciate it immensely when I can get on and big shout-out to the work being put in by the guys that are left.

I can’t tell when or if it will end but anyway, thank you all; CCP, players, community, friends and foes for these 20 years. Overall, it’s been an amazing ride and I don’t think I’ll ever get to experience anything like it again.

And as always; Bring back cycle jamming!

Lowa and NSN – o7


Cheers Mate!!


Congrats on the 20 years, thats awesome m8.

Now lets find a way to revive this part of the forums as well

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Congrats on the 20 years! PA and MC hayday… those were some good days. Here’s to another 20 years for y’all. :clinking_glasses:

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Slight thread necro, missed this when it was posted.

Will always have much love for NSN and yourself Lowa, still remember Bamsefar, Leafo and the others very fondly too.

BNC and NSN always had the best relationship, as enemies and allies, loved shooting you and flying with you.

My rose-tinted.glasses are in full effect!

Congrats on 20 years North Star Networks. Kladdkaka!!

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