The year of 2006, BoB vs ASCN era, a story of honor between enemies, myself lucky to be allowed to fly home :)

Been a long time since i made a post here…

I am a player since 2004 but i do have a story to tell, from ancient times, one of honor amongst in game enemies.
Myself a former member from Celestial Apocalypse “CELES” and my mentor The Dark/ darth solo

Anyway back in time around 2006 there was tension between BoB “Band of Brothers” and ASCN “Ascendiant Frontier”. And a war broke out, ( No clue anymore who started first ). And well a huge battle took place, and South being the biggest front.

My corp Celes full pvp and know to be antipirate and not part of any alliance, opened a 2nd front up West at Fountain, and took over the PNQY Outpost there, after that, we invited everyone from EvE to mine the riches from every system Fountain had, under our protection.

BoB did not liked it and sent a division “Reikoku” i believe, in return we called our friends from “Outbreak” and “Euphoria Released” to join us, fully pvp corps just like us.

Many battles took place some won some lost.

But a lost one will always be in my mind at NOL-M9

After a certain lost battle at NOL-M9 we had to disperse, fast ships can go home, slower ship could go to a safe and log of.

Now the day after that sticks into my mind till nowadays !!

Myself Flying a Eagle. ( Pretty fancy at that time )

I log on and loads of BoB guys in local all ready, not far after downtime.
-I align immediately to another safe spot.
-Scan, Ceptor and hes suddenly here.
-I warp to the new safe spot and i get a request in local.
-I believe it was the Ceo from Evolution.
-He askes me for a 1vs1 and he knew which ship i was flying, my Eagle.
-Not sure if i would accept and survive as i was in a hellhole “Delve” far away from my home base “Fountain”. -A Thorax he flew, and myself cornered in i gave it a chance. ( With in my thoughts that he’s buddies can easy warp in and gank me anytime )

-Terms–> I fight, win, and i get a free passage back to Fountain, or die with the 1vs1

-Lucky i had myself following the ships forum a lot of times, i actually knew which type of fitting he would attack me with, Thorax with Light Neutrons, and lots of 1600mm plates. ( Was the fancy cheap cruiser that could kill Heavy assault cruisers and Battleships back in the days )

-Nevertheless my Eagle instead of rails it had Med Neutrons and a pair of Med Nos.
-A pitched battle took place and my active tank had work to do but i won, at the beginning of the match he’s m8s warped in and they only locked me and did not fire a single shot.

I eventually won by some little margin med or late 2006 i think, my shields pretty low.
So props to him, i forgot he’s name, like so many others :frowning:

Anyway Band Of Brothers “BoB” They kept their word and i had a free passage to my own home base in Fountain !
At least a Dozen jumps i did, and as a enemy their camps let me Through !!

So thats what i call respect towards each other !!1

( Sidenote The Nos Blastereagle like i flew one, someone else won AT1, a BoB member flying the Blastereagle vs a Deimos and Ishkur at the finals, and he won ^^ )

Sry for my awkward English ( from Belgium )

Anyway 17 years i play now and i could keep on telling stories that are magical to me, EvE is a special game and i meeted players in rl, best game ever ! Not anything like it !!1

And i would like to hear stories from you peeps also ! :slight_smile:


I went to null sec and only found bots. I don’t think real battles happen anymore.

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Thats a good story, I like that

I myself cannot really think of any, even though been in game since 2010

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I was in ASCN…I was a newb then…wait, I’m still a newb but this isnt about me – -great story.

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Was that not the year that the DEVS got busted giving BOB BPO’S?

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