Nul Sec Industry Corp

We are a Nul Sec Corp Based in Etherium Reach.

We are Recruiting Miners, Builders and Ratters.

MINIMUM 1 Month Old Toons

What We Can Offer

We have our OWN DEAD END Rented System 1 Jump From a Jump Bridge Network.
WE have DRONE Rats…
We have a Military Index of 5 Producing OVER 30 Drone Combat Anomalies
We have an Industry Index of 4 Producing Small, Medium, Large and Enormous Asteroid Cluster variants
We have Docking Facility’s for Capitals
Access to A Large Cyno Beacon Network

We have Access to a Jump Bridge Network that starts only 6 Jumps From High Sec via a Low Sec Pipe

We Control ALL the Poco,s in System and offer 3% Tax on PI With 5 Barren, 2 Storm, 2 Temperate, and 2 Gas Planets

Our Main Alliance Capital Home System is only 1 Jump Bridge away and Offers a Market Hub and Has all types of Industry Facility’s Available, Including, Cap Production, Inventions, Composite/Hybrid/Biochemical Reactions, Reprocessing and Construction of all types.

WE HAVE NO CTA,s or Mandatory Fleets, but we do have voluntary Corp mining Events on Moon Ore And Fleet Boost are Available.
While we are NOT a PVP Alliance, There is AMPLE PVP AVAILABLE with our Main Alliance

All Members are Required to have Discord and Team-speak installed

Join P&B Pub for a Chat
you can drop a mail to Skull Echerie, Doddel Earth-Beyond, Or Modesty Oskold, ingame

Are you making boosters?

With the Upcoming Quantum Cores Update, (
Small Corps are Welcome to Join us.

We also have Survey Networks lvl4 Installed

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